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Do you need forklift equipment for sudden or seasonal needs? Sigma Forklifts offer flexible and cost-effective forklift rentals for quick requirements. Our expert maintenance keeps the machines in good condition and serviced, allowing you to focus on what matters.

Our high-quality product range covers even the most demanding needs in the industry.

We also offer the following additional services:

-SigmaFleet- remote monitoring system for forklift equipment, providing you with reliable information on, for example, collisions, idle time, usage hours, and maintenance needs.

-SigmaSafe- proximity warning system. The system helps to avoid collisions between pedestrians and machinery. The equipment is designed to enhance safety in the work environment.


A large portion of building materials sold by the hardware store chain Stark Finland are bulky and heavy. Material handling in the store’s pickup yards is primarily done with forklifts from the moment the incoming goods are lifted off the truck’s platform and shelved.

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We are your reliable partner for sustainable growth, navigating through challenges seamlessly. We provide forklifts and all material handling solutions swiftly and flexibly, tailored to fit your company's needs.

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