Sure strength and depth

Sigma services

We offer the most versatile solutions on the market with a proactive service partnership. Our forklift experts will help you choose the solution that best suits your needs.


We are your partner through thick and thin with whom you can do business and work smoothly. We offer forklifts for your use quickly and flexibly in a way that suits your company’s situation the best.

Service and spare parts

Even the best machines need maintenance to stay in motion. Our proactive maintenance model brings service life and reliability. Our local service will serve you quickly and take care of your machinery, often during the same day, for all brands all over Finland.


Cut down on fixed costs and ease congestion peaks. Rent a forklift for the high season or for during the service of your own forklift


The truck driver’s safety training is intended for persons who operate forklifts at work. The course covers the correct use of the forklift, based on the Occupational Safety Act and the recommendations of insurance companies.

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