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Container handlers, reach stackers, and forklifts lifting over 16 tons are designed for extremely challenging conditions.

Thanks to our Hyster representation, our offering extends to machines capable of lifting up to 52 tons. In addition to a comprehensive fleet, you can rely on our expertise in providing complete services for all your logistics needs. Whether you choose a single machine or a complete solution, Sigma Heavy covers everything from maintenance to spare parts when needed.

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Big machines for big challenges

Sigma Heavy meets the material handling needs of heavy industries such as ports, terminals, as well as sawmill and steel industries.

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Steel industry

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We are your reliable partner for sustainable growth, navigating through challenges seamlessly. We provide forklifts and all material handling solutions swiftly and flexibly, tailored to fit your company's needs.

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Our mission is to help our customers keep the flow of goods constantly moving. That’s why we built the products and services of Sigma Heavy into a seamless whole, from which we assemble a solution tailored to the challenges of your industry. Additionally, we form a complete partnership as needed, which provides you with an easy and efficient way to keep the machines in top shape and the goods moving.


Our maintenance and spare parts service covers the entire Finland and all brands we represent. Our field service operates with 50 experts across 18 different locations. Our agile maintenance service ensures that assistance is always readily available.


With decades of experience, we dare to say that the best results are achieved through collaboration, direct contacts, and fast, personalized service. By understanding the needs of your business, we can develop it together with you. This leads to new ideas and services that save both time and nerves.

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