Sigma Safe

Sigma Trukit proudly presents the result of its new product development - Sigma Safe for improved workplace safety. Sigma Safe is our response to customer feedback on incidents between heavy equipment and pedestrians.

For improved workplace safety

Sigma Safe is a proximity warning system that helps preventing collisions between pedestrians and heavy equipment.

The system consist of four components. The Main Receiver Unit (MRU-1) and the Proximity Indication Unit (PIU-1) are installed on the heavy equipment. The Proximity Indication Unit alarms and informs the heavy equipment operator about pedestrians in close range. Pedestrians carry small-sized and energy efficient transmitters (two models available), whose battery levels can be monitored with a separate Battery Status Checker (BSC-1).

All components of the Sigma Safe proximity warning system: PIU-1, MRU-1, BSC-1, PBB-1, PBB-2 (from left to right)

Sigma Safe in a nutshell:

  • An active system installed on a forklift or on any heavy equipment, that consists of fixedly installed receiving equipment and small-sized transmitters for pedestrians
  • Proximity Indication Unit alarms the equipment operator about pedestrians in close range. The systems fits in many different sized equipment thanks to an adjustable alarm radius (3 – 30 meters). The system works on radio frequencies, which means a visual contact is not required!
  • The Main Receiver Unit can be configured to forget transmitters in the very close proximity enabling the operator to carry a transmitter as well
  • Energy efficient motion activated transmitters offer a long care-free operating time. Depending on the model of the transmitter, battery life is either 7 months (swappable batteries) or over 2 years (waterproof, non-swappable battery)

Watch a video on how the system works.

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