Only machines that function properly produce results

The pulse of the industrial world is faster than ever

We are living in a time where speed and reliability increasingly determine success in competition. That’s why, at Sigma Trucks, we do everything in our power every day to be the strongest link in our customers’ production and supply chain.

Sigma Trukit Oy specializes in the import and sale of material handling equipment. We provide our customers with high-quality trucks that are best suited for their specific needs. We also ensure that the machines have more than enough power to lift and move goods whenever needed. Our mission is to help our customers keep the flow of goods continuously moving.

With decades of experience in the sales, rental, and maintenance of forklifts, our company operates throughout Finland. This makes us a strong expert in internal logistics solutions.

We offer our customers flexible and committed partnerships that withstand growth and challenges. We serve personally and locally, without unnecessary intermediaries, wherever our customers are.

And the goods move

Forklifts and specialized forklifts, for efficiently moving goods in the industrial, logistics, and commerce sectors.

sigma trukit

Challenge accepted

Container handlers, telehandlers, terminal tractors, and forklifts capable of lifting up to 52 tons for really challenging conditions, such as the needs of heavy industry and ports.

sigma heavy

Even the best machines need maintenance to keep going.

Service and parts

97,8 % of our customers recommend us

Sigma Trucks Ltd aims to be a respected employer and responsible actor, with the most skilled and knowledgeable sales organization and comprehensive aftermarket services in the market. Our mission is to operate locally on a nationwide scale.

100 % domestic service locally

The company’s successful growth story in the 2010s has transformed Sigma Trucks Ltd from a local import and sales organization into a nationwide provider of comprehensive solutions. The company is 100% Finnish-owned, and all owners are still actively involved in daily work.

Over a century of journey

Sigma Trukit Oy has a long history. Its roots trace back to 1897 when Oy Sigma Ab started its technical trade. Over a hundred years later, in 2004, Oy Sigma Ab’s material handling equipment business was incorporated into Sigma Trucks Oy, giving rise to the current company. From the beginning of 2012, maintenance was strengthened by acquiring the forklift business of Raskone Oy. With the business acquisition of AP-Trukit Oy at the beginning of 2013, the forklift business reached nationwide proportions.

Responsibility above all

The foundation of all our operations is a motivated and skilled workforce. We care about our employees, and that’s why safety is our common interest. This is reflected in part by the TRI index, which indicates the number of work accidents per million work hours.

Sigma Trucks is an approachable and human-centered partner. In addition to business values, Sigma Trucks’ operations are guided by soft values ​​and social responsibility, which is part of our daily activities. We engage in long-term partnerships with several different charitable organizations.

Partner network

The mission of Sigma Trukit Oy is to form a partner network consisting of principals, customers, and collaborators: distributors, financiers, suppliers, and service providers. At the core of the partner network is Sigma Trukit Oy, uniting all parties involved.


ISO 9001

ISO 9001 is a general standard for management and quality management. It demonstrates that Sigma Trukit Oy is committed to quality and customer-centricity, as well as meeting the requirements and expectations of customers.

ISO 14001

ISO 14001 demonstrates the company’s commitment to environmental protection and sustainable development. Certification helps us, among other things, to build an effective environmental management system and establish clear operating procedures.

ISO 45001

ISO 45001 demonstrates the company’s commitment to operating safely and promoting occupational health in collaboration with our personnel, work community, and partners, while complying with existing legislation.