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Forklift rental from one day to several years – According to your needs

Renting a forklift/work machine eliminates the risks of investing in assets, smoothens peak periods, and ensures the operational freedom of the company. By leasing equipment, a company’s cash reserves can be used for core operations, maximizing their benefits. Lease expenses are fully deductible and do not burden the company’s balance sheet. Our rental service covers both short-term and long-term rentals, and we will provide more details about them below.

Short-term rental

Short-term rental refers to renting a work machine for a period ranging from as short as one day to as long as a year. The longer the rental commitment, the more cost-effective renting becomes relative to purchasing. And even if you’ve committed to a shorter rental period, don’t worry, we won’t take the rental machine away in the middle of your work. Typically, our short-term rentals include not only the work machine itself but also its full maintenance, 100 monthly operating hours, and insurance can be easily obtained through us as an additional service. Short-term rental is an excellent and worry-free way to acquire a work machine for seasonal peaks, busy periods, or even relocations.

Long-term rental

Long-term rental refers to a rental period of over a year, which can extend up to 5 years or even longer in special cases. Long-term rental operates on a leasing basis, where the rent is tied to either a fixed or variable financing rate, and the rental may include various additional services as needed. In this rental service, we often customize the features and equipment level of the work machine, as well as the content and duration of the rental service, to suit the needs and situation of your company. This way, you can enjoy a reliable and perfectly tailored work machine for your operations, allowing you to focus on your core business.

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