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Even the best machines need
maintenance to keep moving

Without strong forklift maintenance, even the strongest forklift doesn’t operate and produce. Reliable operation of forklifts requires properly sized and expert maintenance. Our skilled and reliable service team repairs and maintains all forklift brands and models, as well as accessories. We also offer technical advice.

We create and design maintenance contracts to suit your company’s needs.

Response time promise

Our basic promise for response time is to have our maintenance personnel on site by the next working day at the latest. It is also possible to agree on a faster response time regionally.

Sigma Trukit, tukkukauppa

Spare parts for all forklifts

We supply original spare parts for all Yale forklifts, Hubtex specialized forklifts, and Terberg terminal tractors. We also offer spare parts and accessories for all forklift brands at competitive prices.

Lifetime maintenance and service

Our operating principles include always understanding the person and their needs first, then the technology. This ensures that the forklift operates in its role as effectively as possible into the future. We design maintenance contracts with the forklift’s lifecycle in mind, so that as our customer, you can focus on your core business.


We update the equipment to meet modern safety standards, taking into account current safety regulations.

Tire services

With our tire presses, we effortlessly and quickly install even larger pneumatic tires.

We sell high-quality and competitively priced industrial tires as well as wheels for warehouse trucks

We change tires and wheels from bottom to top, meaning we remove the rims at your company’s premises and deliver them back with new tires.

Maintenance monitoring program – Sigmanet

With Sigmanet, you can track the maintenance and upkeep costs of your equipment both individually and for the entire fleet over a desired period. Sigmanet separates labor and spare part costs if necessary.