Sigma Fleet

Sigma Fleet remote monitoring system

Sigma Fleet is a new remote fleet tracking system that provides you with accurate operating data from each forklift and heavy machinery, as well as the activities of your drivers during the working day. The information generated by the system increases the transparency of your company’s material handling processes, which helps you improve operational efficiency and increase work safety.

New equipment to make it easier to monitor truck utilization

The system tells you, among other things, the active operating hours for each machine and driver, the idle rate and possible collisions, as well as reminds you of an upcoming service. If you wish, you also have access to map and curve tracking as well as speed monitoring and driver-specific statistics. You can easily get statistics out of the system in Excel file format.

Sigma Fleet features

When your truck is equipped with the Sigma Fleet system, you have accurate data on the movements of each of your forklifts and the activities of the drivers during the working day. There are three service levels to choose from: Monitoring, Monitoring-plus and Driver ID level.

Monitoring is the basic level of the system that collects the following information about your forklifts:

  • collisions
  • idling
  • operating hours (service reminders)

Monitoring Plus level adds the following features into the Monitoring level:

  • map tracking
  • curve tracking

Driver ID level includes all the features of the two previous levels and adds the following features:

  • Driver identification
  • Only key card holders have access to the equipment. Configuration is also possible for pre-existing key cards
  • Driver-specific statistics
  • Alarm if the forklift leaves a predefined area
  • Speed monitoring and overspeed logging

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