Käyttökoulutus pitää trukin liikkeessä

Train to become a forklift operator

The forklift driver safety training is intended for all those who use a forklift in their work. During the course, we cover the correct use of the forklift, based on occupational safety laws and recommendations from insurance companies. Additionally, we familiarize ourselves with forklift accidents, dissecting the chain of events leading to the accident.

The training includes a practical section as well as theory and driving exams.

  • In the practical section, we go through the forklift’s pre-operation inspection, familiarize ourselves with the features of the specific forklift, and ensure correct operation through a driving test.
  • For those who pass the theory and driving exams satisfactorily, a forklift license valid for five years will be issued.

We organize forklift driver training upon request. Contact us!