Used and new machines in stock

Looking for a used forklift or other work machine? – Used forklifts available along with a selection of new ones for quick delivery
We have plenty of both used and new work machines ready for tough tasks!

Can’t find the machine you’re looking for or just want to make things easier?

Please note that only a portion of our machines are listed. If you can’t find the machine you’re looking for in our listings, it’s still worth telling us what you’re searching for. There’s a high likelihood that we can find a suitable device for you one way or another. Our inventory is constantly changing for both new and used machines, and we regularly receive trade-in and lease return machines. In addition to used forklifts, we often have used tow tractors, vehicle-mounted forklifts, aerial work platforms, and other specialized work machines available.

Sales of used machines tel. +358 44 486 0300

A few words about our used machines

We have various types of used machines, each with its own unique history. The most common way to sell a used machine is to sell it in the condition it’s in. Often, this is a fair way to proceed for both parties, and the buyer can make good and affordable finds from these machines that we haven’t thoroughly inspected. In addition to traditional used machines, we have SILVER, GOLD, and PLATINUM condition machines, which we know more about and which meet specific criteria for their condition categories. For these “precious metal” grade machines, depending on the condition category, we even offer up to a 12-month importer’s warranty. Feel free to ask our sales team for more information about the condition categories, criteria, and warranty for our used machines.

The Yale ERP35VL that came to Sigma had been in heavy use
The same Yale ERP35VL after undergoing Sigma’s ‘Gold’ level refurbishment.
A seven-year-old Yale
pallet stacker
refurbished by Sigma
and used by the customer.