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Only functional machines keep the flow of goods moving and increase your productivity. We take full responsibility as your logistics partner to ensure that your forklifts have the power to lift and move whenever you need it.

Optimize your work

Renew your forklifts for optimal results

Ease peak traffic and cut fixed costs

Reduce the hassle and costs of ownership. Get a forklift for the season or to stand in for one under maintenance.

Maintained equipment minimizes disruptions

Time is money. With our proactive maintenance model, you keep your equipment moving smoothly, ensuring uninterrupted workflow. Our maintenance and spare parts services operate nationwide in Finland.


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And the goods move

Forklifts and specialized forklifts, for efficiently moving goods in the industrial, logistics, and commerce sectors.

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Container handlers, telehandlers, terminal tractors, and forklifts capable of lifting up to 52 tons for really challenging conditions, such as the needs of heavy industry and ports.

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Even the best machines need maintenance to keep going.

Service and parts

Sigma Trukit Oy is specialized in the import and sales of material handling equipment.

We provide our customers with high-quality forklifts that are best suited for their intended use, for all locations. We also ensure that the machines have sufficient power to lift and move goods – whenever it is needed. Our mission is to help our customers keep the flow of goods moving continuously.

Puuilo and Sigma Trucks’ collaboration is based on trust – over 10 years of operational reliability.

Puuilo is a traditional Finnish department store chain that was established in 1982. Over the years, the rapidly growing company’s retail services have covered Finland’s largest cities, and the growth targets for the future are clear. During its most intense growth period, at the turn of the 2010s, Puuilo needed a partner. A reliable operator who would take responsibility for the forklifts and lifting equipment of the department stores, as well as the online store’s picking equipment. Sigma Trukit was chosen as the partner.

Stark Finland lifts with Sigma’s forklifts

A large portion of the building materials sold by the hardware store chain Stark Finland are bulky and heavy. Material handling in the stores’ pick-up yards is primarily done with forklifts from the moment the incoming goods are lifted off the truck’s pallet and shelved. In the spring of 2019, Sigma Trukit was selected as one of the company’s three forklift suppliers through a competitive bidding process.